Superposition 2022

Your first chance after the worldwide Corona break to fight in a “real” anomaly again!

As Niantic tweeted on May 6th, Munich will be the only Anomaly site for the Superposition Anomaly 2022. After the Kureze Effect and the recent Kythera event, we’re excited and look forward to welcoming Ingress players from around the world, for another unique and historic anomaly battle! We’re excited to see what kind of anomaly we will be fighting.

As soon as our POCs received more detailed and official information, we will let you know! We are currently working with all available sources to plan all the loved things around such an Anomaly. There is not much time left for preparation and, as always, we want to help you have as much fun as possible in our beautiful city of Munich and try to provide you with all sort of advice and support.

So why should you still sign up with Resistance?

What we can do, as city experts, is provide you with all the information you need about hotels, tours, missions, uniques and the awesome city of Munich. We will have chats to meet other players, and swag to show your love for Resistance. We expect to be fighting the anomaly as teams, using the best tactics and teamwork we can to assure victory, so signing up will give you the best experience possible.

To participate in the Anomaly we think, as in the past, a ticket will be required to have your actions scored and earn the Anomaly medal. We currently assume that this will be handled similarly to past anomalies (until 2019). There were free and paid tickets available to get the activities counted, but only for paid tickets there was an anomaly badge.

As soon as there is clarity in these points, we will let you know!

This also applies to all the “formerly” usual anomaly side events such as Cross-Faction Party, Mission Day, etc. we loved so much.

What we currently can say thanks to another Tweet from Niantic: GoRuck events Stealth Ops, Urban Ops and Operation Clear Field will also take place again.

GoRuck Munich 2022

There will be three GoRuck events at the anomaly weekend:

Stealth Ops – Fri 29 July

Urban Ops – Sat 30 July

OCF – Sun 31 July

stay tuned for more information…