Superposition 2022

Your first chance after the worldwide Corona break to fight in a “real” anomaly again!

Munich will be the Primary Site for the Superposition Anomaly 2022. After the Kureze Effect and the recent Kythera event, we’re excited and look forward to welcoming Ingress players from around the world, for another unique and historic anomaly battle!

As Niantic announced on June 7th, we will be playing Battle Beacons and Shard Battles in Munich – which will be the only city worldwide were NIA deploys Rare Battle Beacons on that weekend.

Different to the Anomalies in the past, the Superposition Anomaly medal will be awarded based on 10 NIA-deployed or Agent-deployed Battle Beacons interacted with during the event weekend. Which means wherever in the world you are, you can actively help us pushing the score with your local fellow agents at home and will get the medal! So set up local events for those of you who aren’t able to travel and help us scoring points for the Resistance.

The actual schedule looks like follows:

  • NIA TKO Stealth Ops (hosted by GORUCK) on 29 July (Friday)
  • NIA TKO Urban Ops (hosted by GORUCK) on 30 July (Saturday)
  • Operation Clear Field (hosted by GORUCK) on 31 July (Sunday)
  • Operation Portal Recon LIVE; More details to be announced
  • Mission Day (in collaboration with local Agents) on 31 July (Sunday)
  • Cross-Faction after-event party on 30 Jul (Saturday); Expect: Agent Marketplace, stat games, food & beverage
    Apply for a space at the Agent Marketplace by 3 Jul:

We are currently working with all available sources to plan all the loved things around such an Anomaly. There is not much time left for preparation and, as always, we want to help you have as much fun as possible in our beautiful city of Munich and try to provide you with all sort of advice and support.

So why should you still sign up with Resistance?

What we can do, as city experts, is provide you with all the information you need about hotels, tours, missions, uniques and the awesome city of Munich. We will have chats to meet other players, and swag to show your love for Resistance. We expect to be fighting the anomaly as teams, using the best tactics and teamwork we can to assure victory, so signing up will give you the best experience possible.

Regarding Afterparty, Stealth Ops, Urban Ops, OCF and OPR Live, further information will be released in separate announcements no later than 4 weeks before the event(s).